School domain
Model: school domain
Introduction: School domain name
Registration: 52 
Renewal: 237 /year. Transfer 230 . Transfer immediately. Free transfer and change of domain name registration information.
.school domain name, school, college, education; a new international top-level domain name.
Individuals or businesses from any country can register. registration rules:
(1) Only English letters (a-z, not case sensitive), numbers (0-9), and "-" (the hyphen in English, that is, the horizontal line) are provided. Spaces and special characters (such as!, etc.) are not allowed. $, &, ?, etc.).
(2) "-" cannot be used as the beginning and end.

The .school domain name registration period is 1-10 years, the renewal period is 1-10 years, the domain name length limit is 2-63 characters, the renewal grace period is 30 days, the redemption grace period is 5 days, provides privacy protection, and supports Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) )